Replacement Headlight Garmin Mount, Handlebar Bracket

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Upgrade your bicycle to the next level with our headlight mount that helps you fit the powerful Monteer 1400 light! Grab this headlight handlebar mount to have a safe and fun-filled ride even in dark places or bad weather conditions.



Manufactured from the premium grade material, this mount can house the headlight for a long time, without the worry of it being broken. Our mount can be tightened firmly as it features the screw tight method to suit your handlebar needs and will not come off when you hit a bump and ride on an uneven road!


Our light bracket will give you all-around protection and make sure you enjoy your cruise for a long time! The elegant design and the perfect finish of the headlight mount makes it blend with your bicycle’s handlebar and will not disturb you when you are turning the bar.


No more worries about taking a ride in the rain as our bracket will not lose its grip after soaking in rain! The water resistance rating protects against the water entering into the light. Enjoy your ride even in a rainy climate by installing your Monteer 1400 light with our handlebar bracket!


Designed to clamp and hold your Monteer 1400 front light on your bicycle firmly, our front light mount can easily be mounted on a handlebar, keeping it steady and strong.


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