Magicshine Road Cyclist 1600 Front/150 Rear Kit

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The powerhouse of RAY 1600 uses two high-efficiency LEDs to produce a combined maximum of 1600 lumens. Forming the well-rounded beam pattern is a pair of custom-designed, high-transmittance optical lenses, one of which has been fine tuned to produce a far-reaching spotlight, while the other specializes in close-distance floodlight.

The blend of the two beams evenly and seamlessly blanket the rider’s path, revealing every obstacle. Well suited for mountain biking, trail crossing, road cycling, and urban commuting, etc.

Newly introduced is the smart mode, bike light automatically adjusts its output based on the level of ambient light it detects, under day mode, the output will be limited to 30 lumens to increase the rider’s passive visibility among traffic. Under night mode, or when entering a tunnel, the output will kick up a few notches for full-range visibility in the dark.


  • Equipped with two high-power LEDs, max output 1,600 LM.
  • A unique combination of long reach spot light and a close-in flood light.
  • Intelligent brightness sensor scans for ambient light in real-time.
  • Up-down brightness control with accurate battery display.
  • Lock function to avoid mis-operation.
  • Powered by two high capacity 18650 integrated batteries with 5,200mAh capacity.
  • USB-C fast charging and discharging.
  • Internal thermal management ensures consistent output at high levels.
  • IPX6 rating, heavy rain resistant, all weather proof.
  • Universal Garmin quad lock style mount, easy to put on and take off.

Body material: Seamless one-piece aluminum
Battery source: 2*18650 batteries - 3.6V 5,200mAh
Light source: 2* luminous SST-20
Dimensions: 96 x 41 x 27mm
Weight: 186g


 is an intelligent tail light that offers smart integrated sensors and enough brightness for both daytime or nighttime riding. It uses transparent optical filters to spread the beam 260 degrees, the maximum output can be reached up to 150 lumens. It has an integrated motion sensor, which reacts immediately and makes the tail light brighter when you hit the brakes, providing additional safety. It also features an ambient light sensor.

When switched to the smart mode, it will switch between daytime to nighttime modes automatically. It is super simple to operate. A long press of the switch will turn the light on and off, and a short press will cycle through the modes. The seat post mount consists of a Garmin-type head, which the light clicks into securely, suitable for seat posts 22-35 mm diameter.


MJ-6390 wired remote control - compatible with RAY Series, connects via USB-Type C charging port.