MJ-6088: Adjustable Helmet Mount with Vertical Angle

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A new addition to the Eagle and Monteer series. The MJ-6088 helmet mount allows you to mount your Magicshine Eagle/Monteer 1400 lights on your helmet, giving even more versatility to our commuter bike lights.

The mount attaches to your vented helmet and then the Eagle bike light head can be clipped on and off just like when mounted on your handle bars. The light head is easily adjusted vertically so you can direct the beam for your convenience and safety.

Compatible with Magicshine Eagle 300/Eagle 600/Eagle 700/Eagle M2 and Monteer 1400



This helmet strap is extremely lightweight and will not feel even that it is on your helmet as it is constructed from premium grade materials. Our mount also comes with a sturdy strap that secures the mount on the helmet and will not come off when you hit a bump and ride on an uneven road!


Direct the light where you want to look with our helmet bracket that can be adjusted vertically, providing you with an optimal angle of sight. Our light bracket will give you all-around protection and make sure you enjoy your cruise for a long time!


Take your ride even in a rainy climate by installing this lasting helmet mount! This bracket is extremely durable and will not lose its grip after soaking in rain, allowing you to go out in the rain without any second thoughts.


Perfect for cycle enthusiasts, our helmet mount is compatible with Eagle 300, Eagle 600, Eagle 700, Eagle M2 and Monteer 1400 bicycle lights that give you a clear and bright path in your night ride.


The lights can be installed by clipping them on and off just like the handlebar mount. Designed to suit most vented helmets, the strap allows the bracket to be easily mounted on top of your helmet and can be tightened as much as you want!



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