SeeMee 200 - Rear Light - Ambient Light Sensor

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Our most powerful rear bike light, the SeeMee 200 is equipped with a super bright primary light with three smart modes as well as a secondary area light that provides optimal visibility from every direction. Ride with the ambient sensor on and let the SeeMee 200 automatically choose the best light for the condition! This rear bike light is the perfect companion for road cyclists and commuters.


Advanced Light Source

The SeeMee 200 uses a COB LED light source, as opposed to using a red cover, the transparent optical fibre emits a stronger and more uniform light while consuming less energy. Offering a bright red light with 3 main work modes.

Double press the power switch to change light modes (constant - flash - smart,) single press to change pattern/intensity within a light mode.

360 Degree Visibility

Highly visible from up to 3km away. The SeeMee 200 bike taillight not only has a main rear light, a secondary tracing light is fitted, facing downwards illuminating a circular area directly underneath the rider creating visibility from all directions. 

Ambient Light Sensor

When switched to smart mode the taillight auto adjusts its flash mode and output to best suit the conditions.

Smart Mode Flash (Day): 140 lumens, up to 50 hours

Smart Mode Flash (Night): 10-140 lumens, up to 3 hours

Flash and Low Battery Mode

When switched to flash mode, there are 4 options available:

Flash modes: (Day/Night)

Breathe: 9/3 hours

Comet: 15/3 hours

Flash: 25/4 hours

Interactive: 20/4.5 hours

Low battery mode: Low power flash is automatically triggered when battery reaches 5% remaining and will last for 20 minutes.

USB Rechargeable

Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh 802528 non-replaceable

3 brightness settings under constant mode:

High: 140 lumens 2.5 hours

Mid: 70 lumens 3 hours

Low: 30 lumens 5 hours


IPX6 waterproof rating, functional under all weather conditions.

Brake Sensor

The brake sensor triggers on sudden change in movement pattern, such as brakes or quick turns. The brake light generates a 3 second steady beam of 200 lumens. When the light is off, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to enable/disable the brake sensor function. Constant light after 5 sec = sensor ON, flashing light after 5 sec = sensor OFF.

Mounting Options

Included are 1x adjustable length silicon strap, a seat post mount and 2x zipties. Please note: with the exception of Seemee 20 and 30, all models in the Seemee series use the same proprietary quad lock style mounting mechanism.



Max output


Lumen on high


Lumen on low


Run time on high

3 hours

Run time on low (Day)

12 hours

Waterproof Rating



USB Rechargeable


3.7V 1000mAh 802528 non-replaceable





Base Mount

Seat post mount and saddle rail mount





Our SeeMee 200 tail light with 3 brightness modes and 4 flash modes adds safety to your ride by increasing visibility to others. This rear light automatically changes to the economic flash mode when the battery is less than 5% and runs up to 20 minutes before switching off.


Our bicycle tail light has a max output of 200 lumens and the 260-degree lighting visibility allows you to be seen from over 3km. The 360-degree tracing light design projects a perfect circle on the ground to increase warning efficiency, perfect for the commuter in a busy city!


Enjoy your ride in the rain without any worry about water damage as our rear light is completely waterproof. The IPX6 water resistance rating fully protects against water entering into the light in any direction!


Our bicycle rear light has a built-in advanced sensor that automatically adjusts to the environmental changes. This sensor turns on the rear light when you hit the brakes and will last for 3 seconds!


Our SeeMee 200 tail light is suitable for all models of cycles and is easy to install. With two mounting options, it can easily be mounted under the saddle or on your seat post.



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