Magicshine Australia provides a wide range of cycling lights, to serve all riding disciplines.

Since 1999, Magicshine has been focused on the outdoor lighting area with the mission to provide high performance lights for professional night time and outdoor activities, to keep people safe in the dark.

In 2007, we introduced our first generation bike light, hitting the markets with our revolutionary design and functionality. Nowadays, we are continually refining our products, developing smarter, high power lights with leading technology. The Magicshine brand has become known to the world, and acknowledged as a top brand in the cycling industry.

Our goal is to keep bringing innovation to the industry, and encourage every outdoor sports enthusiast to discover more possibilities, break free of environmental limitations and expand their potentials.

We are determined to strengthen people’s confidence in the darkness.
To let them see more, and do better.


What We Do

Professional service and reliable products

23 years of history


Sold by 5000+ retail shops


Over 4.8 average rating


Mile Stone


In 2008, MagicShine's first bike light MJ-808 was launched, the most popular bike lights in the season in USA with its reliable performance, excellent light effect and reasonable price.


In 2012, the MJ-880 dual lamp bead headlight was released, with a brightness of 2000 lumens, which was rated as the bestin this year by the British MBUK magazine.


In 2013, the Eagle 600, the world's first intelligent bike light with liquid crystal display, was successfully created, and assessed a revolutionary product by MTBR.COM, an influential bicycle forum in North America.


In 2013, Professor Ron, the former chairman of the German Red Dot Award, made a special trip to visit the headquarters of MagicShine and provided important guidance on product design.


In 2014, sponsored the leading cycling event in North America - the Sea Otter Classic Cycling Carnival.


In 2015, sponsored the International 8 Days SC-TIBET Extreme Challenge.


In 2016, sponsored the regional trials in China for the "France Paris-Brest-Paris" 1200-kilometer non-stop cycling challenge.


In 2018, MONTEER 6500 highly recommended by MBUK、BIKERADAR MAGs.


ALLTY 1000 Reddot Award Winner 2019


In 2020, RN1500 the designated bike light SC-TIBET Extreme Challenge


In 2021, RN3000 was released and popular with a lot of riders and cyclists


In 2021, MONTEER 8000 V2.0, as one of the brightest headlights in the world, highly recommended and praised by many foreign famous MAG and medias such as MBUK .