MAGICSHINE 906SB Light, Helmet Mount & TTA Bracket Combo

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MTB | Urban | Road

MJ-906S is an upgraded and improved version of the MJ-906, a small light head with extremely high output. Ideal for mountain, offroad biking.  E-bike compatible.

  • 4500 lumens of max verified output from 2x Lumens SST-40 LEDs
  • 4500, 2500, 1800, and 800-lumen brightness modes, 2 flash modes, and a standalone DRL mode
  • Warm tint enhances night vision, reducing glare and softening shadows
  • Each LED can be turned off/on independently
  • 1.5 hours runtime on full brightness mode
  • E-bike compatibility added, auto adapts to input voltage within 6-12V range.
  • Compatible with mainstream motors like Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha (sold separately)
  • Durable aluminium alloy housed light head weighs 78g on its own, 503g with battery
  • Garmin handlebar mount, (helmet sold separately)
  • USB-C rechargeable 10,000mAh battery pack, also able to act as a temporary power bank


    LED 2x Lumens SST-40 LEDs, 32° spread
    Max output 4500 lumen verified
    Operation temperature -20 to 40 Celsius
    Shell material Aluminium alloy and plastic
    Power modes Lumens Runtime
    High 4500 lm 1:30 hrs
    Mid 2500 lm 5:50 hrs
    Low 1800 lm 10:10 hrs
    Eco 800 lm 17:50 hrs
    DRL 35 lm 50:00 hrs
    Flash 1 0-1600 lm 8:20 hrs
    Flash 2 0-2300 lm 4:50 hrs
    Battery 4×21700 Li-ion batteries (7.4V 10AH)
    Power indicator Power switch
    Battery pack
    Waterproof IPX6
    Light head size 45*43*33mm
    Weight 78g (light head)
    503g(with battery)


    1 x MJ-906S Light Head
    1 x MJ-6118 Battery Pack
    2 x Battery Straps
    1 x Garmin Handlerbar Mount
    1 x Garmin to GoPro Adapter
    5 x Silicone Straps for Handlebars Ø25.4 to Ø35mm & Aero Bars
    1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
    1 x Hex Key
    1 x User Manual


    Multi-purpose aluminum alloy out-front style bike mount from Magicshine, a durable, lightweight bike mount compatible with a variety of devices.

    • CNC aluminum alloy body, hardened, rigid, durable and light weight
    • 2 Garmin quarter turn style mounts top and bottom
    • Supports GoPro
    • Compatible with all Magicshine lights with Garmin base (Allty 2000, Monteer 6500 etc.)
    • Including Garmin adapters for Magicshine 9 series bike lights(MJ-900, etc.), Monteer 1400, USB batteries and Cateye speedometers
    • Garmin adapter for Eagle series bike lights can be found here
    • Compatible with 31.8mm or 35mm handlebar sizes.

    TTA Bracket Specs

    Material: CNC aluminum alloy body

    Weight: 170g

    Dimensions: 10 × 8 × 3 cm

    Package Includes Mounts for:

    • Monteer 1400 front light
    • Bike Computer (Cateye)
    • MJ-900 series front lights
    • ALLTY 300/500/1000/2000 front lights
    • Battery pack (MJ-6112/6116)
    • Eagle 700 front light
    • Wahoo devices (Bolt & Element)
    • Polar Devices
    • Mobile phones/ Garmin base Devices



    Garmin quarter-turn style helmet mount for devices with a male-ended Garmin base. Built with durable hard plastic material and nylon straps.

    Compatible with all Magicshine Allty models, RN 1200 and Monteer 3500S/5000S/6500/6500S/8000 models.

    For compatibility with 900/902/906/900B/902B/906B bike lights, a Garmin adapter is required. For compatibility with Eagle series bike lights(Eagle M2, F3) a Eagle to Garmin adapter is required.