MJ-6220B - Rubber handlebar O-ring mount for Headlights

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O-Ring Handlebar Mount available in 3.8mm & 5mm

Install a headlight on your bicycle’s handlebar in seconds without any additional component. Our O-ring's are the perfect accessory. Get this O-ring to have a safe and fun ride even in dark places or bad weather conditions.



Made from the premium grade rubber, this O-ring is extremely durable, lightweight and will not break after continued use. This O-ring will stretch to meet your requirements, securing the light on the handlebar and will not come off when you hit a bump and ride on an uneven road!



This O-ring will give you all-around protection and make sure you enjoy your cruise for a long time! The efficient design of our ring blends well with the handlebar and will not compromise the look



Go out in the rain without any second thoughts as our O-ring will not lose its grip after soaking in rain. Coming in the perfect length of 3.8mm, this ring is ideal for everyone who has bicycle light and allows you to take your ride even in a rainy climate!



Our O-ring makes mounting the headlight on your handlebar a breeze and eliminates the need to add additional hardware that compromises the look of your bike.



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