MJ-6272 - Out front mount for Monteer 6500S & 8000S

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MJ-6272 out front bike mount is a durable, lightweight, multi-purpose handlebar mount compatible with all Garmin quarter turn style devices with a male ended Garmin connector.

  • Default mount for Magicshine Monteer 6500 and Monteer 8000
  • CNC aluminum alloy body, hardened, rigid, durable and light weight
  • Compatible with all Magicshine lights with Garmin base, All of Allty series, RN series, and Monteer 3500, Monteer 5000 MTB lights.
  • Support for 31.8mm and 35mm bars
  • Bottom end of the mount is left open for a Gopro device, or connect with an adapter to add on another Garmin mount.

When MJ-6272 out front bike mount is used with devices or bike lights such as Allty 2000, Allty 1000, Allty 800 or RN 1200 with an integrated battery. Please note the distance between the mount and the front stem. Make sure the bike light/Garmin device has enough room to be twisted on/off the mount.