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The new MONTEER 12000 is our most powerful bicycle light to date, designed specifically for MTB, trail crossing, road racing, and urban commuting. Equipped with two separate optical systems housing a total of five top LEDs, it emits an astonishing 12,000 lumens that will propel your bike through even the most demanding trails.

No matter how extreme the environment, the best-in-class MONTEER 12000 ensures optimal visibility by offering two distinct beam options that illuminate your surroundings and reveal every detail along your journey. The floodlight beam is precisely calibrated with a cut-off line plus an adjustable light head, enabling you to navigate urban traffic
safely without blinding oncoming road users. Once you hit the trails, the specially designed spotlight beam with four lens angles provides expansive coverage and an impressive range of up to 360 meters, enhancing the visibility of signs and overhanging branches. By connecting the light to the MAGICSHINE App, you can personalize lighting preferences, add new modes, and adjust brightness levels to match your specific requirements. The MONTEER 12000 stands out for its exceptional heat management capabilities, ensuring optimal performance


  • Five high-power LEDs provide a tremendous 12,000 lumens.
  • Two different beam types create a perfectly illuminated image tailored for road and MTB rides.
  • Customize lighting settings for different cycling scenarios through the APP.
  • Wireless remote control allows for simple and accurate operation and jumps to full output mode with one click.
  • Physical air duct cooling system, internal thermal management, plus cooling fins for maximized performance.
  • Flagship 14.4V 10,000mAh battery pack, ensuring 121 hours of runtime.
  • USB-C charging and discharging integrated interface for 60W fast output.
  • Easy-to-read power indicator on the light unit, battery pack, and even the remote.
  • Tool-free adjustable light head to prevent temporarily blinding oncoming road users.
  • Two-sided handlebar mount and helmet mount keep your light securely in place.
  • Robust aluminum housing reliably protects the light from shocks, dust, and water.
  • IPX6 waterproof rating, heavily rain resistant.


1 x MONTEER 12000 (incl. strap)
1 x MJ-6398 Battery pack (incl. strap)
1 x MJ-6508 remote control (incl. strap)
1 x Helemt mount (incl. strap)
1 x Two sided handlebar mount
1 x 3mm hex key
1 x Extension cable
1 x USB-C charging cable
1 x User manual



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