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Multi-purpose aluminum alloy out-front style bike mount from Magicshine, a durable, lightweight bike mount compatible with a variety of devices.

  • CNC aluminum alloy body, hardened, rigid, durable and lightweight
  • 2 Garmin quarter turn style mounts top and bottom
  • Supports GoPro
  • Compatible with all Magicshine lights with Garmin base (Allty 2000, Monteer 6500 etc.)
  • Including Garmin adapters for Magicshine 9 series bike lights(MJ-900, etc.), Monteer 1400, USB batteries and Cateye speedometers
  • Garmin adapter for Eagle series bike lights can be found here
  • Compatible with 31.8mm or 35mm handlebar sizes.
  • The upside-down mount is not to be used with the Ray or RN series lights due to the weight of the all-in-one light.


Material: CNC aluminum alloy body

Weight: 170g

Dimensions: 10 × 8 × 3 cm

Package Includes Mounts for:

  • Monteer 1400 front light
  • Bike Computer (Cateye)
  • MJ-900 series front lights
  • ALLTY 300/500/1000/2000 front lights
  • Battery pack (MJ-6112/6116)
  • Eagle 700 front light
  • Wahoo devices (Bolt & Element)
  • Polar Devices
  • Mobile phones/ Garmin base Devices



Multi-purpose bike mount from Magicshine, this TTA out front mount with extended arm allows you to easily monitor your bike computer in a safer and more comfortable position, built with reinforced aviation grade aluminum, CNC hollowed out so it’s extremely light

Included with this out front mount is a variety of mounting bases and base conversion pieces for Garmin devices,  most models of Magicshine lights, speedometers, battery clips and cellphones etc. Designed with an additional, detachable mounting base, the bottom piece is angle adjustable and easily removed if needed. Phone+battery, light+battery or maybe a battery and GoPro camera combo to record your journey. Freedom is there, choice is yours.

Included are two pieces of rubber spacers designed for handlebar size 31.8mm and 35mm. When fully locked, max torsion should be 2.1 Nm or less


Engineered from a premium grade reinforced aviation grade aluminium, our handlebar bracket is very lightweight and extremely durable. This headlight bracket secures to the handlebar firmly and will not come off when you hit a bump and ride over a pothole.


Our headlight bracket is designed with an extended arm that allows you to install your light in a safer and more comfortable position. The elegant design and the perfect finish of the headlight mount makes it blend with your bicycle’s handlebar for a clean and minimal setup.


With a removable base mount included, this bracket allows you to attach a phone-battery combo, light-battery combo and even GoPro camera to record your entire journey. The base mount can be adjusted to the desired angle to suit your specific needs.